celebrating 50 years

“We love what we do and do what we love”

By: Dale Worthington

As I review our 50 years with Arabian horses, three words come to mind: passion, romance and business.  I think back about how these great horses have helped Wyona and I purchase our land, build our facilities, and house and provide us with our major source of income.  I am truly thankful to the horses and all of the great people who have helped and supported us along the way.  It all started because my father-in-law wouldn’t let his daughter have a horse.  So, my new bride of one day had one request.  “You know we should probably have a horse,” said Wyona.  I was easily convinced and we set out on an adventure that has enriched our lives beyond my ability to describe.

Horse breeding—this wonderfully worthwhile endeavor—presented us at the very outset with a great challenge: keeping the economic aspect in perspective.  Without the benefit of significant outside income, we were forced to learn quickly how to make a go of this delightful, albeit difficult business.  With Arabian horses it is easy to get carried away with the passion and romance of your work and lose track of the business aspect, particularly when relying solely on your own breeding program and foregoing the base income provided by training and boarding services. We have focused on breeding, training and showing our own horses, and the marketplace has rewarded us with good friends and repeat customers.  Our farm has become an important stop for visitors coming to the Northwest in search of breeding and show stock.

Bacardi Afire:

Bacardi Afire

The great Afire Bey V son Bacardi Afire was a real stepping stone for us.  With the help of my friend Don DeLongprè, I selected Bacardi as a weanling.  His dam Bacharah, a wonderful Barbary daughter, has a tail female line to the legendary and beautiful Polish mare *Bufa. So, Bacardi’s foals not only have that upright, high trot look, but they are beautiful.  His 61 purebred and seven Half-Arabian foals have won 28 Class A championships and Reserves, five Regional Reserve Championships, 14 Regional Top Fives and 10 Regional Top Tens in both halter and performance.  Not surprisingly, Bacardi was nationally ranked as a junior sire of halter and performance winners.  The Bacardi get sell well, and we are retaining a select few for future breeding.

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Baywatch V:

Baywatch V 02

Standing on the rail at the 2000 Scottsdale Show, we spotted a colt that would eventually become a very important part of our breeding program and our life.  Wyona and I had been on the lookout for the perfect colt to further our program, and we were both attracted to the dark bay, white-trimmed colt whose neck went on forever.  Baywatch V was being shown by his breeder, Sheila Varian, and over the following days we returned frequently to Baywatch’s stall for closer inspections.  We believed he was a very special colt, but we did not purchase him immediately.  It was a very important decision for us, and it needed to meet our long-term business goals.  Some months later, after making some major horse sales, Wyona visited Varian Arabians to check several future stallion prospects.  Once again, Baywatch stood out from the group.  He was even better than ever.  Following a phone call home, the decision was made, Baywatch was ours.

Baywatch V, by Sundance Kid V (Desperado V x Sweet Shalimar V, by *Ali Jamaal) and out of Berryantka V (Huckleberry Bey x Balalinka, by * Bask), has surpassed our expectations many times over. He is an absolutely magnificent young stallion.  His head is chiseled with an ultra fine muzzle and beautiful, kind eye.  He has a neck and shoulder that are almost unbelievable, great withers, a short back, a long hip, and the most correct legs and feet I have seen.

We purchased Baywatch as a breeding stallion, and he is that. His first foal, the filly Dana Sashay, went to the Scottsdale Show and was reserve champion in a class of 24 fillies.  We are expecting great things from the eight foals coming this year.

Always a crowd favorite, Baywatch V was named 2002 U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Colt with Maureen Krichke, Scottsdale Reserve Champion of 1999 Stallions with Keith Krichke, as well as claiming two Regional titles.  We believe the future holds much more for Baywatch V and the Krichke team.  After his halter career, we look forward to a great performance career, as Baywatch is an extremely talented athlete.

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The Farm Operation:

Throughout the past four decades, we have worked extensively with most of the major bloodlines (Egyptian, Polish, Russian, Spanish), and we have enjoyed success with them all in terms of breeding outside mares and selling horses.  Wyona and I dedicate ourselves to settling the mares during the breeding season, and we have been involved with artificial insemination and shipped semen since 1985 (In that year I attended CSU’s equine reproduction program, and in 1995 I went back for a refresher course.)  In addition, our quiet farm setting lends itself to those who choose to send their mares here for breeding.

The 140-acre farm is divided into large paddocks and spacious grass-filled pastures.  The facilities include 30 stalls, an indoor arena, a covered round pen, and a fully equipped breeding laboratory.  The mild Pacific Northwest climate allows us to put horses outside throughout the year which is critical to their physical growth and mental health.

Over the years we have developed a comprehensive program for the foals we produce and raise.  All foals are handled extensively and taught basic manners (halter, tie, crosstie, trailer, clip, bathe, etc.).  As they grow and move through the program they are ground trained and eventually started under saddle.  From there they are channeled into the riding discipline that seems most promising for them.

Wyona and I do everything involved in the horse business (breeding, foaling, training, showing, promotion and advertising).  We invite everyone to visit us for a first-hand look at our program.

We love what we do and do what we love.

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